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Ancient Quiet - Poster

This is an official centennial artwork by Bret Bouda being sold on behalf of Glacier National Park's 100th anniversary. The poster is sold in tube and ready to ship.

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Product Description

‘The cedar-hemlock ecosystem encountered on this trail is an unusual one for Glacier Park, a thick grove of cedar trees with incredibly luxuriant undergrowth. In fact, this wonderful, fragrant forest and the wooden path make me feel like I am in a coastal redwood forest, not near the continental divide in the Rockies! Coming from Czechoslovakia I have felt a freedom in Glacier Park that I have never experienced before. It has allowed my art to blossom in ways I never imagined. My passion and love for Glacier National Park is where I seek and interpret the beauty of nature. To me, this photograph is an expression of my choice for freedom.’

Additional Information

Size: 30” x 24”
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